Monday, April 22, 2013

Torching some calories! *Workout included*

When going to the gym with my husband, I must be prepared to stay a little while and put in some work (which I don't mind!). We put in a killer good workout on Sunday morning!

Dressed and ready to hit the gym!

Workout: Chest/Back/Abs 

50 pull ups (Yes, 50!!!!) 
Flat bench press 4 sets of 12
Incline bench press 4 sets of 12
Pull overs 4 sets of 12
Incline flyes SUPERSET with Dumbbell chest press 3 sets of 12
Bent over row with barbell 4 sets of 12 
Straight leg deadlift SUPERSET with crunches 3 sets of 12
Lat pull downs 4 sets of 12
Partner crunches with ball -- one crunches and the other throws weighted ball
(will try to video the partner crunches for next time) 

A few shots of our workout:

pull overs 

pull overs 

pull overs 

pull overs 

bent over row with barbell 

straight leg deadlift

straight leg deadlift  

829 calories gone! BAM! 

Totally pumped after that workout! 

It is so much fun working out with my husband.. He pushes me and helps me with my technique/form. I do most of my workouts on my own because our schedules don't allow us to workout together through the week, so it is so nice to workout together and help each other out. He'll tell me "Quit using your back" or just push my back down into the bench. He helps me lots more that I help him! I can root him on and help him get those last couple reps, but God help us if I ever need to help lift the bar up! I'll be chunking weights off the bar quick and fast if needed!!!  Thanks so much babe for being an awesome inspiration to me!!!! :)

Sunday afternoon we also went for a family and friend bike ride! We rode 10 miles and kids did awesome! It is safe to say that my back, chest, lats, legs, and butt are sore today!!!!!



  1. Hello! I see you have one of those Polar watches. Doyou think it's a worthy splurge? I've been thinking of getting one. ;)

    Good work, BTW!

    1. Hi :)
      A heart rate monitor is a great tool to have for many reasons! One reason is to make sure you are not under training or over training. Most also provide a calorie burn which is also important to know. Highly recommend getting one! I got mine on amazon ;)


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