Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Happy Happy News!

March was definitely a month of awesomeness! I have lots to share... 

First piece of awesome news:
Me with my AAAI Personal Trainer Certification!! 
I tested for my AAAI Personal Training cert March 3rd and FINALLY got my results back!!! 

The conference for the cert was just awesome! I learned so much information and then when testing time came, I said a prayer and took a deep breath and filled out the test. I went over it twice and checked my answers. I counted the ones that I was unsure about and might get wrong. There were about 6 out of the 100 questions I wasn't entirely sure about. Labeling the muscle man was a cinch and the essay question was easy too. So when I left the conference, I was pretty confident that I'd passed! I called my husband and my close friend and shared the news with them... They both said they were sure I'd passed.. Waiting for the results was the hardest part!!! As the days and weeks passed, I grew less and less confident. I started to doubt myself. This is the first thing I've ever done for myself, my dreams, my passion. It would totally crush me if I failed. I let that nonsense take over my thoughts.. So when the big envelope came in the mail, I told my husband that whatever the results, please just hug me. 

We sat down at the table together and opened it. 

My stomach was so nervous!!!!

I pulled out the papers and about hit the roof!!! I immediately started crying and was just so damn happy!!!! One of the best days ever!!! I will start looking for clients and a J-O-B soon.. that's the next step, right!!?? ;)

This is so true! I am excited to start training somewhere.. a little nervous too! But holy excitement!!!!

March also means Spring Break! Oh boy did we have a good one! We drove down to Houston area to hang out with my mom and her neighborhood was absolutely stunning. I couldn't get over the trees and the greenery everywhere. I live in dust-filled-tumbleweeds-blowing-around Colorado. When people hear I live in Colorado, they think mountains and trees... Nope. Not this part of Colorado I live in. I can see the beautiful mountains and dream of trees, but I live in a dust bowl. Anyways, I hauled our bikes down to Houston so we could ride the bike paths down there. 

One of the bike paths.. so beautiful

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And then on the last day of March.... HAPPY EASTER!!!! 

My  husband and me 

My beautiful family 



  1. Amazing! You are such a motivation for me...since we started out doing the healthy living thing together a few years ago, then pregnancy and baby for me but now again I get to look to you for motivation in this journey!
    Congratulations on passing!!!

    1. Thanks so much Christine!!! :)

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  3. Congratulations girl! You have accomplished so much, and you are an inspiration to all of your readers!! Keep kicking a**!!!!


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