Monday, February 25, 2013

Pyramid Sets! Getcha some of that!!!! ;)

Pyramid sets

I've been doing pyramid sets in my weight training for awhile now and I LOVE em! My hubs introduced me to them and I've loved em since!! I do change it up every 4 weeks or so to keep it interesting, but I always look forward to going back to the pyramid. The pyramid sets will GET YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!

Using the pyramid set, this was my workout today:

Weights: Upper body

Flat bench press
Barbell clean and press
Shoulder lateral raise and frontal raise on cables
Standing barbell curlsIncline dumbbell flys
Tricep dips on bench
Wide grip lat pull down
Tabata abs on TRX (plank and jacks)

Cardio: 1.50 mi on treadmill and 1000m Row

So, for example, my barbell clean and press looked like this using the pyramid:
1st set: 12 reps 20 lb barbell
2nd set: 10 reps 30 lb barbell
3rd set: 8 reps 40 lb barbell
4th set: 6 reps 50 lb barbell

Heck yes!
Feeling the sweat run down the back of my arm and drip off my elbows...




  1. I'm your new follower. This pyramid sets is seems like a great idea. But I don't understand how to use it. Do you mind to explain?


    1. HiHoneybee :)
      I have updated the blog post and put an example there. Hope it helps!
      Thanks for reading!!

      Journey to a New Me


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